Most everyone in today’s society uses at least one type of social media service. Therefore, any business that is not using these platforms for marketing may be missing out on potential clients and revenue. Although your site won’t necessarily be ranked higher on search engines if it has an expansive social media presence, these networks can be used to support your SEO strategy by increasing the number of people who see, share and backlink your content, which does affect your search engine ranking.

Using Twitter

Twitter’s 330 million active users provide an extensive possible market for your content, products and services. Although it isn’t a professional website, like LinkedIn, it reaches many more people. Your first step should always be creating great content that provides value to your potential and existing customers.

Once your content is created, you should write attention-grabbing tweets that encourage Twitter users to stop, read your tweet, retweet it and share the content. This is relatively easy if you have a large following, but you may also use social amplification channels to expand your reach.

Using LinkedIn

Many people and businesses have LinkedIn accounts, but not many understand the power of this platform’s services. For example, this site is a B2B marketing giant that can expand your content’s readership. You are able to connect with those in your field, and as you expand your following, you gain targeted leads.

A great way to expand your following is to search for specific jobs and invite the individuals looking for or working in these types of positions to connect with you. Then, update your followers on any new content you post on your website. When you post the update, avoid including a link so you aren’t punished by the LinkedIn algorithm. Then, you can go back and update the content with the link so your followers can find it. Also, ask for feedback about your updates and content.

Using Facebook

Due to its more than two billion active users, Facebook is a valuable SEO marketing channel. The best strategy for this platform is forming a Facebook group because the engagement is much stronger in groups than through gathering friends and followers. Part of the reason groups do so well is that they create a community feeling. Because your group members are building relationships with your company and other group members, they may be more apt to share your post. However, make sure your content is great and isn’t loaded with sales pitches or advertisements.

Social media can be a valuable addition to your SEO strategy. Explore what each platform has to offer, and build your following using these tools. Then, share great content and build relationships with your prospective and current customers.