The podcast is becoming one of the most exciting additions in the world of media. Podcasts can be fun, informative, interesting, funny, even scary.

Today, the sky is the limit in what a podcast can be about, from true crime to sports to political analysis to business strategies. Some of the popular ones have hundreds of episodes and loyal listeners.

Although the idea seems simple — one or two people and a microphone – the better podcasts have more to them in terms of content and production value. Some have sponsors that make it more lucrative of a side hustle.

If you’ve been considering starting a podcast, consider these strategies.

  • Get a good microphone. The basic one with your computer or phone might be fine if you’re just getting started or plan on standard conversations. But better-quality external mics can make your recordings sound better especially if you edit different pieces together.
  • Get good headphones. This is equally important since you can hear what listeners are hearing, including different tone ranges and if there’s any feedback. You can wear these during the interview or when you do editing afterward.
  • Learn to edit. You don’t have to get precise and cut out the “ums” and “you knows” but consider getting editing software to touch things up. This could include cutting out whole sections to fit a time limit, re-recording an intro or closing, or adding music or sound effects. There are plenty of free or inexpensive editing programs or higher-end ones that cost a little more. It depends on your interest, technical knowledge, and whether this project will be a regular thing or something fun to do once in a while.
  • Learn the technical. Figure out how to get it online and easy for listeners to access and learn about you.  This includes creating an RSS feed and figuring how to get your message to the more well-known podcast distributors.

You’ll notice we didn’t mention content: though this is important for whether people tune in, the production is especially vital.

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