If you want to garner a following for your business or company, you need to establish a distinct brand voice; that is, develop an identity for your customers, consumers, and clients to relate to. This allows a deeper connection between you and your target audience, fostering a sense of loyalty and trust.

Begin to build your personal brand voice with these elements:


Portray your business as being human; customers will relate more to people than an entity such as a brand or company. This helps instill trust, which can go toward converting prospective patrons into buyers.


Humor goes a long way toward humanizing your content and your company. Try a little humor in social media posts and updates, as well as in marketing materials that you disseminate for upcoming promotions or events.


Use understandable language and tone that is appealing to a wider range of consumers. Talk to your customer audience in a friendly, conversational way. Use first-person perspectives, which will also help to humanize your brand.


Tell a story rather than just sell something. Create a narrative that puts your product or service in an appealing light. Entertain and educate with valuable content that is relevant and current for your consumers.


Quality video images are another way to capture the attention of a potential buyer, and it can serve to inspire many to seek out or purchase what you are selling.


Clearly define your goals and identify objectives to help your brand or business reach them. Make sure to pinpoint both long and short term aims- this will also help measure progress and success as you expand your company’s reach.


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