To say that mobile advertising is important is an understatement: the metrics show that it may very well be THE most important funnel through which the business owner should be trying to reach your prospective customers. Over $30 billion per year is spent by marketers via this platform. Here, you’ll see a few reasons why it’s such a scintillating form of marketing.

Mobile Use is Rampant

With an approximate 7.5 billion people on the planet as of 2020, experts estimate that over 5 billion of them have smartphones. This, frankly, is the only stat you need when deciding whether or not to finally indulge in mobile advertising – you’re missing out on a a wealth of potential traffic if you don’t. Toss in the fact that over 80% of internet traffic happens on mobile devices, and you have the opportunity to strike gold with good advertising campaigns.

Mobile Advertising and Immediacy

For obvious reasons, mobile allows you to apply pressure to pain points when it comes to purchasing. Having the phone right in the customer’s hands means that, as soon as they are reminded of an item or see an advertisement, they can buy right away. If your advertisement has a well-placed CTA (call-to-action), this improves your chances even further.

Lower PPC

Basically, mobile ads cost you less! Why? Because they are hyper-targeted, which makes them cheaper since most of the prospective consumers are trying to buy right away. You won’t waste money on unfocused clicks that lead consumers away from the sales funnel.

The second reason for the lower costs per click with mobile advertising is the ease with which analytics is integrated. As such, it’s a lot easier to locate problem areas that are losing money (ROI) and rectify or eliminate them.

In sum, there are many different types of mobile ads that can be implemented – some of them include video reward ads, interstitial ads, rich media advertisements, banner ads and of course, Google Ads. Expert help is available in tailoring the best cost-effective methods for your particular business.