Brand awareness requires more than your customers’ ability to identify your logo or products. Its focus is on determining how your customers feel about your brand and company. What are their perceptions? As they consider purchasing or researching the type of products you make, does your brand stick out? This awareness will determine whether a prospective customer will purchase your products over your competitors. Therefore, consider the following strategies to determine how your customers see you.

Track Your Backlinks

Your brand should create many backlinks on sites that your target audience will view. Not only should they be placed on relevant websites, but the links themselves should be strategically placed within the content. These links encourage engagement with your brand. Therefore, they should be tracked. You may choose a domain authority checker to identify where your backlinks have been placed. DA checkers can give you a list of every backlink and each domain’s authority so you know if your links are effective.

Monitor Social Media Engagement

Social media allows you to interact and build relationships with your target market. However, the strategies that worked a year ago may not work today. Therefore, you should measure your social media engagement. Your evaluation should include how often your target market responds to your posts and your conversion rate. You may also track how many times your posts are reposted and how many referrals you receive based on your interactions.

Evaluate Your Customer Reviews

Online reviews play a key role in consumers’ decisions about what to purchase online and from whom they will purchase these products. Your brand’s awareness is impacted by both positive and negative reviews. Therefore, you should be consistently aware of your customer reviews. If you find negative reviews, you should immediately respond and ask how you can resolve the issue so the client will remove or revise the review.

Finding your reviews can be challenging, but you may consider subscribing to review websites and searching for your brand name or tracking these reviews using software.

Implement Post-Chat Surveys

Every time you chat with a customer online, you build a deeper relationship. Customers feel as if their concerns are addressed and their feelings are valued when they are able to live chat with an agent from your company. They are also more likely to refer others to your company. Post-chat surveys ask about your customers’ experiences during their chats, how your agents treated them, what they think about your products and whether they would recommend your company to others.

Brand awareness has a direct effect on your company’s revenue. Therefore, consider using a variety of strategies so you gain a well-rounded understanding of your brand’s awareness in the market and industry.