In today’s competitive marketplace, it makes sense to utilize social media platforms for your business or brand’s advertising, particularly Facebook. Facebook is user-friendly and a great place to familiarize consumers with what you offer, while building trust and rapport with potential buyers. There are some emerging trends and shifts that advertisers should be cognizant of to optimize their pages and posts- while attracting new clients and customers to their company.

What are some ways to use Facebook for advertising and customer service?

Get Personal 

Maintaining a Facebook page gives you the opportunity to get personal with your customers; switch your posts and pictures from the public to private and engage your loyal following on this platform. This will help put a person behind the company’s name- fostering a sense of trust among your prospective patrons.

Provide Customer Service via Chat

Make customer service queries easier and timely by using Facebook to respond to your customers. Provide customer service via chats and messenger; your consumer audience will appreciate the prompt attention and interpersonal touch this feature offers.

Maintain your Pages

While digital ads are an effective marketing strategy, you can also utilize Facebook as a free way of getting the word out about your brand. Garner free exposure and potential conversions through a regularly updated and relevant company page on all your social media sites.

Get Professional Input

When it comes to branding your business, it makes sense to get professional input and social media marketing advice. A marketing professional will be able to guide you toward optimizing social media sites, like Facebook, to attract more customer attention- and hopefully, convert them into loyal followers.

When you are ready to take the next step toward streamlining your advertising and customer service, Facebook may be a viable option. Talk to social media marketing professionals at WebMe360 to learn more or to schedule a consultation.