Digital marketing is essential in today’s online-focused world because your audience does as much as possible online–and spends significant time there. What’s more, you can gain detailed information about your current and future customers from their online comments and activity.

Major online marketing benefits include:

Easily Reach Your Target Market

Online activity leaves you clues about what people like and provides a trail you can follow to locate customers interested in your product or service. This allows you to reach the customers most likely to buy—and often you can reach them at the perfect time to buy, as well. This increases the effectiveness of every moment (and dollar) you spend doing digital marketing for your business. Most social networks online provide tracking information that can tell you whether (and even when) your demographic uses their platform. By placing focused Facebook ads or running a digital marketing campaign there, you can get your ads seen by, for instance, sports fans if you’re a sporting goods retailer. You can then use the data of those who clicked on your ad or visited your website to further nurture these leads toward a purchase.

Build Brand Loyalty

Online marketing (another term for digital marketing) allows you to publicize your brand, establish a reputation as an expert in your business sector, and build an audience loyal to your brand. By paying close attention to your company’s social media pages, you can learn from, and respond to, customer comments and questions. Answering customer questions builds trust and positions you as a subject matter expert and thought leader. This helps your brand become the preferred one when customers are looking for (for example) the best sports equipment or sportswear. Monitoring reviews and comments online can help you learn more about what your audience likes/dislikes about your product/services, so you can address customer problems directly and show yourself to be a responsible business owner. In addition, you can refine your product or service offerings by making changes that are suggested, discussed, or complained about, by a significant number of customers—or by a few of your very best (repeat) customers.

Amplify Your Influence

In the online world, you have an edge over the competition. Even if a household name brand dominates your business sector, you can attract customers online by using unique tactics. For instance, if Nike has bought out all the Google advertising for the keywords “sports equipment,” you could focus your website keywords and online marketing on longer tail keywords, such as “soccer gear for kids” and make more sales in the more specific, niche product line. 

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