Statistics show that most consumers check their email multiple times a day. The ubiquity of this means of communication makes email marketing a highly effective method of attracting website traffic and obtaining leads. Here are some benefits of making email marketing an integral aspect of your business’s marketing plan.

Set Up a Campaign Easily

Service providers, software, and other resources make it easy to set up an email marketing campaign. With a minimum of effort you can upload the data of your subscribers, segment lists, add content, and schedule regular mailings.

Save Money

Email campaigns are inexpensive compared to other marketing methods. Because of the low cost and potential for widespread dissemination of your messages, they offer a dynamic return on investment.

Focus on Specific Target Audiences

Email marketing allows you to segment your audiences according to demographics, special interests, and online behavior. This enables you to send messages specifically created to appeal to certain segments of consumers.

Raise Awareness of Your Brand

Every time you send out email marketing messages, consumers are reminded of your brand and the products and services that it offers. When they are looking to purchase what your company provides, the name of your brand will come to mind.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Regular email messages sent in the form of newsletters and other notices keep a one-on-one channel of communication open with your regular and potential customers. As consumers learn more about you and your company, they will learn to trust you and remain loyal to your business.

Measure the Results

You can easily measure and analyze the results of email marketing campaigns such as the rates of opening messages, clicking through, and conversion. Once you have this information, you will be able to find out which aspects of your marketing efforts are working and which need improvements. Email marketing allows you to fine-tune your campaign as it proceeds.