LinkedIn is becoming one of the more popular social networks out there, especially for professionals. There are several unique strategies to better utilize the site’s potential – and make improve your own career prospects. These include:

  • Create job searches. Each user can have three people searches and 10 job searches. 
  • Endorse others. It’s easy to return the favor if someone endorses you. So start things off by telling what your other connections do well.  
  • Join groups. These provide insight about different topics, plus access to others equally interested. 
  • Tell your story. Whether you’re currently seeking a job or may want to in the future, you can come across as an expert. 
  • Email your groups. Messages from you can appear as emails to others in your groups. 
  • Share information about your employer. This might be useful if you’re seen as spreading the word positively. 
  • Use LinkedIn ads. If you or your workplace is seeking to fill a position, designing an ad can help you reach the ideal candidate. 
  • Catch up on the news. LinkedIn Pulse can let you learn current events about different companies and industries, including different deals and influencers. 
  • Export your connections. Want to contact everyone in your network or at least some of them? Put their info into a database and track what they’re doing. 
  • Figure out your ContentMarketing score. This measures the potential of your company’s page and recommends what could be improved. 
  • Make a badge. This connects your profile to your site and makes it easy for visitors to learn more. 
  • Make your profile open. This makes it easy to contact just about everyone. 
  • Try LinkedIn Premium. There is a cost but it can pay off in terms of the extra resources available including finding out who is looking at your profile. 
  • Share your updates. If you post something great, let your non-LinkedIn followers see. 
  • Optimize your profile. Pay attention to the keywords you use, including your headline. 
  • Optimize your links. Add these to your contact section to improve how people can reach you.  

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