When it comes to advertising, digital marketing is quickly becoming the biggest game in time (if it isn’t already). This rings true especially during the recent Covid pandemic, which has seen many offline businesses move their wares exclusively to the online space. It stands to reason, then, that you should bolster your own offering in the digital medium.

To do this, you’ll need to become familiar with social media platforms, link building and blogging (content marketing, basically). The following short run-down will give you insight to tried-and-true techniques in digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Techniques

Blogging: Do not look past the importance of guest posting; by submitting great posts to other blogs, you get important traffic and search engine recognition via backlinks. If need be, outsource your guest posting analytics.

Make SEO International: This is simple, and entails making sure that your on-page content is available in other languages. You will see your traffic increase – sometimes dramatically – if you make your pages available in, say, Chinese, for example.

What is the Skyscraper Method in Content Marketing?: Find the top content on the web that relates to your product/service. Then, improve upon this (rewrite it uniquely), by making it answer more user questions and needs. At the very least, you can garner backlinks from the same top sites that linked to the skyscraper content.

Using 301 Redirects: This allows you to transfer link-juice and page rank from a defunct page to your new page(s). It’s very important if you get rid of a folder on your website and move content to a new url. 

Click Through Rates (CTR): This is a known digital marketing metric for improving your rankings. To get the most out of your CTR, choose keywords wisely, make sure your content is excellent, pick great titles, execute CTAs, have a table of contents, get Google sitelinks and employ breadcrumbs in your url.

The above represent just a handful of the expert’s tips in bolstering your digital marketing plan; check out the other blogs on this site to learn more.