For as long as the web persists, copy will be here to stay. Even pictures and video need descriptions by way of introduction, which explains why the world’s foremost video-sharing site – YouTube – has more copy than virtually any other platform.

This should tell you something about the importance of copywriting; the rest of this short blurb will apprise you of the best tips to making sure the cop on your site leads to better traffic and conversions.

Write For Your Specific Audience

The most salient rule of thumb for writing is to find out what your audience wants; not what you want them to buy. Oftentimes, this means answering questions – which further paints you as an authority in the field.

First of all, use Google (or other) Analytics to determine essential attributes of your audience: demographics, marital status, location, industry of employment and others. Knowing that a sizable fraction of incoming traffic consists of male college students going into STEM (for example) will make it much easier to create a focused campaign targeting them.

Employ Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is a must, in a competitive sphere. Find out the relevant keywords that you can target, and then use these words throughout your content. Don’t spam them, of course – but let them flow naturally within the copywriting. A crucial aspect of SEO is to use backlinks to authority sites; this signals to the reader and the search engines that your content is well-sourced. Make your content easy to share, too, via Facebook and other major social platforms. There’s a lot more to SEO – but these are the top points.

Headlines, Headlines, Headlines

If you’ve ever written anything, then your editor has almost certainly apprised you of the importance of titles. Your headline is the hook; make sure it’s good. There’s a statistic out there that shows just 20% of people read the text body, of those who read the headline. Right out of the gate, you must tell the reader what they should expect from the copywriting, as well as pander to their emotions, and promulgate the keyword that brought them here. It can be a tall order – but a great headline gives you the decided edge over other copy.

For more tips on boosting website conversions through copywriting, make sure to visit other pages on this website. The above is just the tip of the iceberg to getting your content read and shared.